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"It's our duty and sacred responsibility to serve those who first served us. 
May we live our lives worthy of their sacrifice." 
- Rob Kyker, CEO

Mission Statement


The Crockett Retreat Center was established to provide a place of sanctuary, reflection and communion with nature for Veterans, First Responders and their families.  Programs at the center focus on using horses and horsemanship skills as a means for personal growth.  



Learning to be a good horseman is like many things in life – in order to be good at it you have to work hard and smart. 

You have to be in control of both your body and mind. 


CRC provides an opportunity to experience the human/horse bond that helps gain peace of mind. For thousands of years the horse has been recognized as one of nature’s strongest, most noble and courageous animals.  They have carried soldiers across miles of war zones, led armies into countless battles and survived with their riders against unbeatable odds.  They are still used by First Responders. ​


Crockett Retreat Center’s horsemanship is based on a resistance-free approach. Participants are taught how to apply the least amount of pressure to the horse on the ground first and then on his back, in order to accomplish a willing communication between horse and human.  They learn early on that the horse’s response is a direct result of their action.  This connection helps participants to increase awareness of the impact of their actions while developing a harmonious relationship with these very sensitive animals.  This recognition has a ripple effect on participant’s relationship with others.


​Warriors and First Responders train relentlessly to perfect skills to the best of their abilities in order to achieve objectives.  Given this background, participants often have a “show-me” attitude when introduced to resistance-free training. 


Crockett Retreat Center endeavors to show the training details including  the “how and “why” of the techniques. 

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